Guide to Apply for Expatriate Work Permit in Indonesia

Since declaring to participate in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), Indonesia opens more opportunities for foreign laborers to work in the country. The policy has certainly made many overseas workers interested in finding employment in Indonesia. To be able to work in Indonesia, surely there are some requirements that must be met.


So, here are some guides to apply for expatriate work permit in Indonesia.


  1. The employers must submit a Foreign Employment Use Plan (known as RPTKA). They can apply it online by using their company account that has been registered on the website After that, the employers will get an online queue number.
  2. The Indonesian Ministry of Labor will then verify the RPTKA data. If approved, the application will be authorized by the Minister or the competent authority. If the requested document is complete, this process only takes about 7 business days.
  3. After taking care of the RPTKA, the employer must submit a Visa Wire Approval Recommendation (known as TA.01). The relevant institution will issue the TA-.01 and then forward the data to the Director of Traffic Immigration (known as Lantaskim). The Directorate General of Immigration will process the request within the next day to the employer. If the TA.01 has been successfully approved, the employers may apply for a Limited Stay Visa (known as VITAS) for their foreign worker.
  4. The foreign worker must have VITAS if they want to live and work in Indonesia. VITAS applications can be submitted by the employer to the Directorate General of Immigration at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights. As for some conditions that must be attached to cover; photocopy of passport; photo; a guarantee letter from the sponsor; proof of the availability of living expenses for the workers/their family during their stay in Indonesia; letters of recommendation from relevant institution on activities to be undertaken by foreign workers; and sponsor data.
  5. Then, the employer must submit the issuance of the Employment Permit for Foreign Workers (called IMTA). They may apply for IMTA online using their valid company account. Upon verification of the data, the employer must pay the Compensation Fund for the Use of Foreign Workers (known as DKPTKA) in the banks that appointed by the Minister (BRI/BNI/Mandiri). The compensation to be paid per person is USD 100 per month (USD 600 for 6 months and USD 1200 for 1 year).


If all requirements are met, IMTA will be issued by the Director of Control of Foreign Workers Usage. The permit is valid for a maximum of 1 year and may be extended. If IMTA has been issued, the employers can employ the foreign worker in their company.

But according to article 41, paragraph 1 and 2 of Indonesian Labor Minister’s regulation number 16 of 2015, the employer is prohibited from employing a foreign worker in more than one position in the same company. The law also prohibits the employer from hiring a foreign worker who is working for another employer.

In addition, the employers must also comply with the Indonesian Minister of Manpower and Transmigration Regulation number 40 of 2012. In the regulation, it is decided that there are 18 positions that should not be occupied by foreign workers. For more information, visit Hopefully, this guide is enough to give insight on how to manage expatriate work permit in Indonesia.

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