Indonesian Spouse Sponsored KITAS and How to Obtain It


If you are marrying an Indonesian and you want to move into your spouse’s country, of course, you need more than just a visa. The best way to secure your stay in Indonesia is to acquire a limited stay permit or KITAS. So, what are the requirements and how to get one?


The Requirements

To apply for this KITAS, the first requirement is, of course, to be married to an Indonesian citizen. Make sure you own a legal marriage certificate because it is one of the documents you have to provide when you are applying. If you are married outside of Indonesia, you also have to attach a “Certificate of No Impediment Marriage”, and don’t forget to haveyour non-Indonesian documents translated into the Indonesian language by a sworn translator.


The Process

  1. Apply for VITAS (limited stay permit) approval

To apply for VITAS approval, you have to prepare these documents:

  • Bank statement copy of your Indonesian spouse.
  • Copy of Family Card (KK) and ID card of your Indonesian wife/husband. Noted that the status of your spouse ID card has to be stated as “married”.
  • Marriage document
  • Sponsor letter.


After you submitted the documents, later the Indonesian Immigration Office will issue VITAS approvals and telex them to the Indonesian embassy abroad. However, if you are already inside the country with Social Visit Visa, you just need to change that visa into VITAS.

2. Convert your VITAS into KITAS

Once you are in Indonesia, the next thing you have to do is to convert your VITAS into KITAS (limited stay permits card). The authorities will only give you a week to convert it, make sure you already change yours within the permitted time given.


These are the documents needed when you are converting your VITAS to KITAS:

  • Application form
  • Physical presence at the immigration office for biometric data input and processing


  1. Police Reporting and Civil Registration

After acquiring your Indonesian spouse sponsored KITAS, you will have 14 days to register yourself to the department of civil administration. After theregistration, you are going to receivea certificate of family formation of temporary residents and police report certificate.


After you are done with those process, you can stay in Indonesia, but you need to renew your residency annually. Please note that this type of KITAS will not allow you to work in Indonesia. If you find employment in the country, your employer needs to apply for a work permit for you. When you are already married and stay in Indonesia for two years or more, you can obtain a permanent residence visa (KITAP). This KITAP will be more beneficial if you are planning on staying longer in Indonesia because you don’t have to renew it yearly like KITAS and it is valid for 5 years.


What Happens If You Are Divorced or Your Spouse Is Dead?

If you are still on KITAS when you divorce your Indonesia spouse, then your visa will be canceled, and you need to leave the country. But if you already stay in Indonesia for sometimes and already own a KITAP, you still can stay in Indonesia until your visa ended. Meanwhile, if your Indonesian spouse dead, the KITAS/KITAP will continue to be valid, and you still can live there.


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