Handy Tips about How to Start a Business in Bali

Handy Tips about How to Start a Business in Bali

Wishing for being a successful business player in Bali? Simply follow these simple yet functional tips on how to start a business in Bali.

The remarkable world-class destination named Bali is not just about a place to refresh your mind and indulge your body with tons of luxury. As a matter of course, the island provides a wide range of opportunities for foreigners to invest and do a lucrative business. Before taking a further step, you might follow these useful tips concerning how to start a business in Bali!




Make Sure to Let Your Company Legally Registered

To build up a direct investment company, it’s vital that you register it in the Indonesian administration. The legality of your business lets you have the equivalent benefits as the local businesses do. Since the government makes reform in issuing a license by way of an online system, all investors and business players find convenience while making an application and submitting the required documents.




Get Your KITAS Immediately

The company registration is, in point of fact, a bright procedure to get a stay permit known as KITAS. As your key purpose of living in Indonesia is for work, you are required to apply for a working KITAS. The overall process of getting this type of documents usually takes 1 to 1.5 months. Remember that it requires a sponsorship either from your Indonesian spouse or the local entities.




Determine Your Business and Choose the Right Location

As Bali is known as a tourist spot, a business that is in line with your prospect is nothing else but the hospitality area. Be it opening a lively night bar or disclosing a fancy restaurant; your option never goes wrong. Then, pick out a strategic location, accessible to crowds or public facilities. For the best deliberation, you can survey some potential spots across Ubud or Canggu.  Location of your business, at the bottom, determines your success in the future.



Improve Your Bahasa and Keep Practicing It

Although English is fully accepted in Bali, still, you need to learn more about Bahasa Indonesia and even some Balinese. You have to realize that your customers are not only English speakers but also Indonesians. It turns out that knowing the Bahasa is very effective to attract more buyers. Besides, mastering the local language signifies that you give respect to the home-grown culture. To improve it, you can take a Bahasa class on a weekly basis.




Hire a Professional Lawyer

The presence of a lawyer is very important especially when you deal with some legal matters or filing the legal papers. Arguably, the gifted individual functions as a backup, fully supporting you. Furthermore, a lawyer can provide some advice mainly about recent business regulation in Indonesia. Hiring the professional is such a good investment when setting up a business on the island of God.



To make a long story short, those are some basic steps on how to start a business in Bali. They are not as hard as what people commonly think about. Taking into account some considerations before finally staying and doing business in Indonesia is somewhat important.

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