5 Jaw-Dropping Travel Destinations in Lombok You Shouldn’t Miss

5 Jaw-Dropping Travel Destinations in Lombok You Shouldn’t Miss


There are 5 enthralling travel destinations in Lombok you shouldn’t miss perfecting your hiking experience, beach escape, and cultural exploration.

If you wish for something exceptional while exploring Indonesia, Lombok surely gives that. Not only does the exotic island fascinate the keen travelers with a beautiful array of cultural attractions, but the neighbor of Bali offers nature attractions unbeatable.



To help you decide, we’ve summarized a list of top recommended travel destinations in Lombok you shouldn’t miss out on. Go check them out now!




Mount Rinjani

Is your passion for hiking? Get the highest point of the island popularly known as Mount Rinjani. What makes the media attention is its extensive caldera with a turquoise-green lake. Indonesia’s second highest volcano belongs to Rinjani National Park. At a rare chance, you probably run across an endemic species named Rinjani scops owl while trekking in the wilderness.





Kuta Beach

Never get the name wrong as it appears to be the one in Bali. Located in the southern part of the island, Kuta beach offers an incredible oceanic view. The white sand beach stretching from the west to east is where you can get involved the annual custom named Bau Nyale. It is a unique tradition allowing the locals to seek out the sea worms. Bring your bucket and have fun with the locals.





Pink Beach

As its name suggests, this beach gracefully comes with blush pink sand. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, the hidden piece of heaven is somewhat secluded. It takes an effort to reach this spot. Once hitting here, you will be welcomed by the beauty of the stretch of sand swept by the calm, crystal clear wave. It is lovely and peaceful. To get the most out of the scenery, you can climb up Tanjung Ringgit cliffs.




Gili Islands

If you are about to escape from the mainland of Lombok, Gili Islands or the Gilis would be the nicest preference ever. The spots offer multifarious things depending on your purpose such as diving, snorkeling, and enjoying the exotic sundown.



The Gilis include Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. Out of the three islets, Gili Air is less crowded, filled with tranquility. It’s also impeccable for honeymooning. If you wish for something more vibrant like a night party, Gili Trawangan is the right one.





Sade Village

Is your traveling goal to see the life of the indigenous people of Lombok? There is no way greater other than dropping in the village of Sade. Getting there really is straightforward. From the airport, drive along the main road that leads to Kuta Beach.



You will get amazed by the life of Sasak people retaining their cultures. The hand-made crafts, wooden houses, and locals’ warmth are nothing yet amazing. While being here, don’t forget to participate in the wedding parade highlighting the loud sound produced by Gendang Beleq.



Those are 5 mind-blowing travel destinations in Lombok you shouldn’t miss. From beaches to a traditional village, the island has everything for your appeasement. Each spot has its magnetism like nowhere else. So, which one do you think the most fascinated? Find the answer soon.

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