All About Indonesia Visa: Requirements and Application


Need to know more about Indonesia business visa application and the requirements needed? Read this detail information.


Do you need to have a business visa? A limited stay visas? A social-cultural visa? You need to know the purpose of your visit to Indonesia so that you can apply for a visa. Here are the kinds of visa, the requirements, and how to apply for a visa in Indonesia.





Kinds of Visas

  1. Business Visa

Having the business negotiation in Indonesia for one or multiple visits requires you to have a business visa. Either you want to apply for a single business visa or a multiple business visas, you need to know the requirements.


  1. Limited Stay Visa

If you need to stay for the certain time for your investment, study, working, student exchange, or research purposes in Indonesia, you can apply for a limited stay visa.


  1. Social Cultural Visit Visa

You need this visa if you want to do such cultural or social visits in Indonesia such as relatives or friends visit; social organizations; exchange visits or attending training program purposes.




The Requirements for Visa Application

General Requirements

  1. General requirements
  • The valid for the next 6 to 18 months passport (6 months valid for a single entry business visa and 18 months for a multiple entry business visa)
  • The copy of passport
  • The recent photographs with the plain background
  • The business visa application form
  • The telex visa (An approval or recommendation from Directorate General of Immigration of the Republic of Indonesia to Indonesian Embassy)
  • The whole evidence of travel arrangements
  • The copy of printed bank account
  • Special Requirements for Business Visa Application
  • The business cover letter from your company and also the sponsorship company in Indonesia
  • The letter of invitation or sponsorship
  • Special Requirements for Limited Stay Period Visa
  • The recommendation letter from Indonesia Manpower Ministry (working purpose)
  • The recommendation letter from Indonesia Coordinating Body of Investment (investment purpose)
  • The recommendation letter from research institution such as LIPI or RISTEK (research purpose)
  • The recommendation letter from Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture (study and student exchange program purposes)
  • Social Cultural Visit Visa
  • The Proof of the obligation of the foreigner residence in Indonesia
    such as a letter from employer, college, or school
  • The passport and identity card of your family, friends, or your sponsorship company or organization
  • The guaranteeing letter from the third party to support the sufficient funds for the foreigner
  • The letter of registration from the university or school in Indonesia
  • Proof that all the fees have been paid in advance or the statement of the confirmation letter from the sponsor that the foreigner is on a scholarship program




The Ways of How to Apply for a Visa

The application by the guarantor

  • The guarantor fills up the application form and uploads all the documents needed on the website of the Directorate General of Immigration of Republic of Indonesia
  • The guarantor will pay the administration fee
  • The guarantor will receive the notification from his or her email about the telex visa and telex visa attachment
  • The guarantor will forward the telex visa attachment to you and also the Indonesian Embassy


The application by the applicant (foreigner)

  • You submit the application form to Indonesian Consulate or Embassy
  • You make the payment
  • You show your telex visa and the Indonesian Embassy will verify it
  • Your business visa/limited stay visa/social-cultural visit visa is issued

Prepare all the requirements needed to make your business visa or limited stay visa and apply it soon.

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