The Visa Exemption on Visa Policy of Indonesia


The Visa Exemption on Visa Policy of Indonesia

Must a business trip to Indonesia have a business visa or include in the visa exemption?  See the points of visa policy in Indonesia.


As long as you know the regulations and follow the Indonesia visa policy attentively, you can proceed and obtain an Indonesia business visa or other visas you need. Here are the points of the visa exemption of the visa policy in Indonesia.




What is Indonesia Visa Exemption?

Indonesia visa exemption is the free visa facility that is given by Indonesian government for 169 countries, and they are qualified enough to enter and stay in Indonesia for 30 days for traveling and enjoying the tourism objects in Indonesia. If you have this free visa facility, you are not allowed to make any extension to other visa or change this free visa into the Indonesia business visa or other kinds of visas.


Those who have the passport from the Indonesia free facility countries can arrive through 124 the crossings of the designated borders which includes seven checkpoints of land border, 29 airports, and 88 seaports.



What Countries does Have Visa Exemption?

Based on the regulation of the Presidential Decree Number 21 of 2016 concerning Visit Visa Exemption on March 2, 2016, the Directorate General Immigration of Indonesia has given the free visa facility or exemption to 169 countries.


Unless you are the passport holders from the certain countries that need the approval from the Immigration Office of Indonesia such as North Korea, Israel, Cameroon, Afghanistan, Liberia, Somalia, Guinea, Nigeria, and Niger, have the right to have a vacation to Indonesia without the visa during 30days of the stay.


To convince that your country that is in the list of 169 countries with visa exemption, you can check it in the Directorate General Immigration of Indonesia or the Embassy of Indonesia website.




What are the Purposes of Indonesia Visa Exemption?

The purpose of Indonesia to impose the visa exemption is to raise the visits of foreign tourists to Indonesia so that the Indonesian foreign exchange in the tourism sector can increase rapidly. It will be different if you want to visit Indonesia for the business purpose. You should obtain an Indonesia business visa.


In contradiction, if you visit Indonesia for certain purposes like the family visit, social visit, art and cultural exhibition activities, and tourism, you can come to Indonesia without the visa, but still, you need to bring your six months from the expiry date passport.




What are the Requirements for Indonesia Visa Exemption?

Here are the following requirements for Indonesia Visa Exemption when you visit Indonesia.

  1. Coming from 169 countries that are listed in the Directorate General Immigration of Indonesia.
  2. Not doing for business trip or journalism purpose, but the permitted purposes, i.e., family visit, tourism, official government duties, or transit. If you do the business activities, you must hold a business visa.
  3. Holding a valid passport minimum six month before expiry date.
  4. Having the clear documents and itinerary in Indonesia such as the valid return ticket, the slip of hotel booking, and the copy of your account balance at least $1,500.
  5. Not holding the temporary or emergency passport.




Does Indonesia Visa Exemption Include a Business Visa?

To make a business trip in Indonesia, you must have the Indonesia business visa which you should obtain 6 to 18 months from the first date of your arrival to Indonesia. It means that the foreigners who want to visit Indonesia for a business purpose will not get the free visa facilities, but they need to apply for a business visa.


The visa policy of Indonesia adjusts clearly the regulations for the foreigners who need to obtain the business visa or those who have the Indonesia visa exemption. Make sure you know your purpose of visiting Indonesia and coming to Indonesia legally.



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