What are the Indonesian Spouse Visa Requirements? Find out Now!

The role of the Indonesian spouse visa requirements is vital for making you available to obtain VITAS, KITAS, and KITAP as well.


A spouse visa is definitely required in order for you to stay for a longer period of time in Indonesia. In essence, there are two sorts of spouse-sponsored stay permit – spouse-sponsored KITAS and KITAP. The difference between them is based on the length of the period of living.



As its name suggests, KITAS comes with a stay permit that is limited while KITAP is for the permanent stay. Those who plan to apply for the spouse visa should get informed about the Indonesian spouse visa requirements.





An Official Marriage Certificate as the Basis for Visa Application

Once you get married to the Indonesian, you will obtain an essential document issued by the local government namely a marriage certificate. Before all the things happen, be sure to check out the regulation in regard to your partner’s belief.



This sensitive aspect somehow becomes the consideration when it comes to gaining the marriage certificate. The couples might find some troubles if both have different religions. For the anticipation, converting to the religion of your future spouse appears to be the best solution.  And making the application in Indonesia is way more effective than abroad.





Get VITAS Approval First!

You need to gain the VITAS approval first before applying for the Indonesian spouse visa of KITAS. Before submitting the application, you are required to prepare some important documents including your marriage certificate, a valid passport and the copy of it, a copy of recent bank statement of your Indonesian spouse, a sponsor letter, and the same are true with a copy of the spouse’s family card and ID. After the issuance of VITAS approval taking 5 days of work, it will be telexed to the Indonesian embassy overseas.






When your VITAS is gained, it’s time to convert you VITAS to the limited stay permit or KITAS. To do this process, unfortunately, you only require 7 days. It is imperative to know that you are not allowed to leave the nation amidst the undertaking. If you do so, your VITAS is no longer valid. What about the validity of VITAS itself? It turns out that it’s legitimate from 6 months up to one year. Can it be renewed? Yes, sure; every 6 months or each year.





How the Spouse-Sponsored KITAP Goes

If you wish for becoming a permanent resident in Indonesia, there is no better way other than applying for KITAP (a permanent residency permit). In order to be accessible for this type of permit, be sure that your marriage has reached in the second year.


In the processing of KITAP, the Indonesian spouse of yours plays an important role as your sponsor. The amazing benefit of owning the spouse-sponsored KITAP is that you are allowed to start your very own business and be a successful entrepreneur.


In short, there are some Indonesian spouse visa requirements to think about from an official marriage certificate to other supporting documents. The specific procedure begins from VITAS to KITAS then to KITAP.

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