Straightforward Procedure to Obtain the Spouse Sponsored Marriage KITAS in Indonesia

The steps to acquire a spouse sponsored marriage KITAS in Indonesia are proven to have no tough implementation.


Planning to pass your life the entire time in Indonesia? That’s perfect! Realize your dream soon! One of the fastest ways to be an expat, without doubt, is by getting married to an Indonesian. Once you obtain the legal marriage, the further step to take into account is getting a KITAS visa sponsored by your spouse.



Is it hard to apply for this typical visa? Compared to others, the application is relatively effortless. Unless you have no clues on what to do, simply dope out this following procedure in regard to spouse sponsored marriage KITAS in Indonesia.





Get the Approval of VITAS (a Limited Stay Visa)

A limited stay permit, better known as VITAS, is required once entering Indonesia. To obtain this sort of visa, you are encouraged to gain the VITAS approval – it is called telex. Before applying for it, make sure that you prepare the required documents.



They include a certificate of marriage, a copy of bank statement of your spouse, the copy of your spouse’s family card and ID card, and not to mention a letter of sponsor.





Submit the VITAS at the Indonesian Embassy

When your document preparation is already fixed, it’s time to collect the paper and gain the approval. If the living permit relatively contemporary is successfully accepted, the approval of VITAS is then delivered to the Indonesian embassy overseas abroad.



The key note is that the embassy will release the VITAS with a condition of everything approved. To keep the worse possibility when entering the country, immediately convert it to KITAS.





Convert the Limited Stay Visa to KITAS

When the VITAS is on your hand, you only have the 7 days left until you convert it into KITAS (a limited stay permit). Why this thing is highlighted is to bring round the people about the immediate measure. If you pass the determined period of time, it means that you lose a valuable opportunity to convert VITAS to KITAS.



Before the action is taken, there is no better way other than staying in Indonesia. Leaving for another country signifies that the VITAS of yours has no more validity. While doing the convert, be sure to fill in the application form and be there at the immigration.





Do the Civil Registration

You have to underline that the acquirement of spouse sponsored marriage KITAS in Indonesia is available up to eight working days after an indication of going back to Indonesia. The validity of it is for one year. According to the regulation issued by the local administration, the foreign individual who holds the living permit of KITAS should register in the department of civil administration.



After the KITAS is issued, you only have 14 days to do the registration. Once this step is perfectly performed, then you will have a family formation of temporary resident certificate as well as the certificate of a police report.



In conclusion, there are four basic steps when it comes to applying for the spouse sponsored marriage KITAS in Indonesia. The whole procedure has details that seem undemanding and easy to follow.



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