The Authority Transfer of OSS System from BKPM to Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Who is responsible for the OSS System? This is what you have to know about the authority transfer from BKPM to Kemenko Perekonomian


In order to ease the investment process to increase the country’s foreign exchange, the Indonesian government has launched an OSS system or Online Single Submission system. This system makes the business and investment registration process getting easier. However, there is still a lot of confusion, especially for the investors related to the adjustment of this system and also the institution that is authorized to hold the permission



Before the OSS system was released in June 2018, both domestic and foreign investors registered their business through PTSP or One-Stop Integrated Services organized by BKPM (Capital Services Coordination Agency). The problem is, not all investors have the time to really come to a place and register their business, especially if they don’t live in Indonesia.



Even so, the authority for this OSS system leads the investors’ curiosity. The reason is, Darmin Nasution, Coordinating Minister for the Economy (Kementerian Koordinator Perekonomian), is the institution who launched this system in the first place. Then, where is the role of BKPM?



If you intend to invest in Indonesia, then here are some things you must understand regarding the transfer of OSS licensing authority from the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs to BKPM:





1. The OSS system is still under the authority of the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs

For the first time it was launched until now, the OSS system will be supervised by the Ministry of Coordinating Ministry. This was revealed by Darmin Nasution in the launching event of One Single Service System on June 2018.



In the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affair Office, there is also OSS Lounge where you can get the information on how to register your business, what requirements that you must pass, which documents are needed, and what to do if you find the difficulty of registering and logging in your OSS account.





2. There will be the transition of the OSS authority

Later, there will be a transfer of authority from the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs to the Investment Coordinating Board regarding the One Single Service System.



This transfer of authority will be carried out when BKPM has been ready to maintain the system. This preparation will include system preparation and integration.




3. System integration with other institutions

Not only the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs and BKPM, but the integration of this system also includes the Directorate General of Tax of the Ministry of Finance and the Directorate General of General Law Administration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights.



What is the function of this integration? In order to license the business, NPWP verification and business entity permission for the business is required. Both the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Law are two institutions that can provide those things.



The understanding of OSS authority is also important so that you will know which institution that is responsible for your registration process. So, if you still fell confuse on how to register the business through OSS system, you can open its page on OSS.GO.ID, or going to the OSS Lounge in the institution that has been mentioned above.


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