The OSS System to Ease the Investment in Indonesia and How to Get That License

As the effort to ease the investment process in Indonesia, the government released OSS system. Here are the steps on how to get it

Indonesia tends to be serious in cutting the red tape or complicated bureaucracy steps in the investment. This is proven by the launching of Online Single Submission system.


People tend to think that the Online Single Submission system in Indonesia is almost the same as the One Stop Service System (Pelayanan Terpadu Satu Pintu/PTSP).


In fact, those two are different systems. The One Single Submission System is a new system released in June 2018 by Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM). The system was issued by the Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018 on the Electronically Integrated Business Licensing Service.


Whereas One Stop Service System has lack of integration between the center and the region, One Single Submission can connect them all, that is what the government said.


The government claimed that the system can ease both foreign and domestic investors once they want to register their business in Indonesia. However, you must understand the user manual carefully since OSS is a new program. And here are the steps on how to register your company to OSS:




  1. Open the website and register yourself

To register the business permission into OSS system, first, you have to register yourself to the OSS website at OSS.GO.ID. Click on the register button and input the data required there. How if you have any questions regarding the registration? You can come to the OSS Lounge, which is located in the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs.


In order to prevent the queue and to get much information from the staff, better for the investors to come as early as possible. At some points, the OSS system might meet some errors since it is the new system.




  1. Check your status after you create the ID

The first and the most important thing to be checked is whether you are an individual or you want to register a business entity there.


If you are the individual, then you can go to the next step. But if you want to register the business entity, you must get through the incorporation process first on the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia (in AHU online). After that, you can continue to the next session.




  1. Login into OSS system

This is the next step for the individual who intends to register the business through OSS. After you land to the login page, you may type your user ID and password. Then, you can input all the information needed for business permission registration. Make sure that you input the right information if you don’t want to find any mistake in the future.




  1. Fill out the data

To get Single Business Number (NIB/Nomer Induk Berusaha), you must fill all the data. Acknowledge that all the data inputted are correct. However, as long as the data are not included in the Article of Association, you can change the data after registering your business.




  1. Getting NIB and the other documents

If you have filled all the data completely, then you can get NIB (Single Business Number) and other additional documents. Those documents include Employment and Health Insurance (BPJS) documents that will be activated in the first month after you make the payment.


Don’t forget to read the government regulation document and also the documents provided by OSS (you can get them on the OSS website) so that you can prevent any mistake and invalid data.

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