How to Register Your Business According to PP OSS

How to Register Your Business According to PP OSS

This is what you need to know about registering a business in PP OSS

Before the Government Regulation concerning Single Submission Online was released, investors, both local and foreign investors, recognized One Stop Service System as a place to serve business registration. However, after the Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018, investors can register a business through the One Single Submission system.

What is the difference between One Single Submission system and One Door Integrated Services? One-Stop Integrated Services do not have strong integration between the center and the regions. Meanwhile, the government claims that the One Single Submission system can connect all related elements of licensing both at the central and regional levels.

Even so, investors are still experiencing confusion regarding how to register a business using this system.  So, you should pay attention to some steps that you must pass to be able to register business through the One Single Submission system. Here they are:


  1. Register yourself online

The first step that you must do is to register through the site. Click on the ‘register’ button. After that, the system will ask for your data. Upload the requested data into the site, and make sure beforehand that you have prepared all important data, such as identity cards and business licenses.


  1. Check the status of the One Single Submission website

What is your status in business? Are you an individual? Alternatively, do you want to register a business entity? This thing is essential in the second step, because if you are an individual, then you can go directly to the next step. Conversely, if you intend to register a business entity, then you must carry out the process of incorporation in the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia.


  1. Complete data by logging in

After registering yourself, later you will get a user ID and password that you can use to log into the OSS system. After you log into the site, you can upload various documents and also fill in the data needed to get a business license in Indonesia. Concentrate on doing this step.



  1. Check the data entered to get a Single Business Number

When you have finished entering all the data, make sure again that the data is correct. Because, not all data can be updated after you register later, so, it’s better if you are careful at the beginning so you will not get the trouble in the future.

After that, you will get NIB. NIB (Nomor Induk Bisnis) is a Single Business Number that is a marker for the legality of your business in later Indonesia. Not only NIB, but you will also receive other documents such as Employment and Health Insurance (BPJS) that are immediately active in the first month after you pay.


  1. Pay attention to regulatory documents

You must also pay attention to government regulatory documents that you can get on the OSS site. This matter is necessary so that later there will be no confusion when registering your business with OSS.

Those are the steps you can take to register a business using OSS. This system is a new system, but this system is better integrated and will facilitate investors because investors can register their business anywhere, with any kinds of business, including fintech in Indonesia.

Don’t hesitate to contact the OSS organizer (Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs) or visit the OSS office in the ministry if you want to ask more about business registration using this system.


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